the colsi man

If you're in a colsi, you're a smart kinda guy. You're probably really good looking too. No doubt you spend your free time rescuing orphaned woodland creatures and reading to blind cats. A colsi man needs to be ready at a moment's notice and is always dressed for any occasion. Backyard cricket to five star cuisine with his astrophysicist girlfriend? Check. Helping build a wood-log cabin for your elderly neighbours? Check. The colsi man is all things to all people. What kind of man are you?  Or woman.  We're cool with that too.

the colsi brand

100% Aussie owned and designed. This is the venture of four mates.

Visionary and ideas man, Stephen 'with a PH' Tully, had a lightbulb moment -  How to spend a whole day in just one outfit? "Where is the little black dress for men?" he cried. Tully searched high and low for the perfect ensemble and can ya believe it, there was none! Thus, the colsi was born.

Enlisting the help of the three most savvy, stylish and switched on guys he knew ... okay, that's a stretch... Basically, Tully asked these guys if they wanted to help and they said "HELL YES" then shook on it over a beer. The exact details are a bit fuzzy because it was at the end of a big day and everyone was wankered.

Julz Carruthers handles the cash, logistics and something called 'procurement', Jesse 'Muzz' Mullavey handles IT and model good-looks and Gav Richardson takes care of legal, sales and ideas. All four will take the glory.


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